Upcoming Retreats & Workshops


Sunday Yoga with Isabelle
every sunday

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Come practice Vinyasa Jivamukti Style and have a group Yoga experience . This is a favorite Yoga Space Class accessible for beginner and advanced levels. 


BBTR Breathwork Workshop
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We also offer this workshop at your location Contact us if you are interested to host a biodynamic workshop .

In this fully experiential workshop you'll have a first hand experience of full power of this incredible opening work. BBTRS® practice includes a range of various conscious movement oriented structures, group exercises, active meditations, and a full breath work session combined with special movement to unlock tension at the core of your body. You will be introduced to valuable information on how your body reacts to and stores past traumatic events. This practice allows the stuck ‘Fight of Flight’ response to be completed creating free flow of previously arrested bio-energy.

The voice INTENTION Class
Please inquire for 2019 schedule

Find your intention through your voice with music and poetry. Through Stephan's one-on-one lessons, you can heal the fear that is holding you back from saying what you need. During this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to discover your voice, the mirror of your soul. A very fun and empowering experience! No singing technique required - this not a singing class. 


Our Philosophy

By combining the practice of movement, awareness, breath, sound, and nourishment, we've created a system that helps reconnect ourselves with our natural inner resources. The practice of yoga strengthens both body and mind, helping us to find joy in difficulty and to act with intention.