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Healing Your Soul Modalities

Facilitator Lydia Bisaillon for appointment contact :

Rising Star Healing Modality : 

$111 for one session $300 for three sessions, which is recommended for deepest healing.

The energy work continues after the session to clear the chakra and auric system for 21 days, moving through the 7 energy points (chakras) three times. As such, 3 weeks between sessions is best. For optimal results, three sessions are recommended. Each session promotes deeper relaxation, allowing the mind to let go, so deeper issues can be addressed. On the karmic level, this system brings healing for up to 21 months.
Bring forth your true potential, and live the life you were meant to live.

  • Remove misqualified or negative energies from the seven chakras 

  • Clear and heal on all levels and open to your True Self

  • Activate up to 36 strands of DNA

  • Connect with your Higher Consciousness

  • Rejuvenate your body on all levels

  • Raise the vibration of your aura

  • Works with the energy of your personal lineage (in your ancestral lineage in this lifetime and on a soul level)


    Reiki- $65 per hour

    Massage and craniosacral- $75 per hour

    Emotion code healing sessions- $35 per session

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