Âme Rica, Rich Soul.


Husband and wife, Isabelle and Stephan, created Lovin Âme Rica to give shape to their lifestyle philosophy and to share it with others. "Ame" translates to "soul" and "rica" to "rich" - describing the desire to find the riches we contain within ourselves, our inner truth, and to realize our full potential.

By combining the practice of movement, awareness, breath, sound, and nourishment, they've created a system that helps reconnect ourselves with our natural inner resources. The practice of yoga strengthens both body and mind, helps us find joy in difficulty, and teaches us to respond, rather than react, to that which life brings us.

In Summer 2018, Lovin Âme Rica opened up The Yoga Space in downtown Delhi, NY for locals and visitors alike. This is a place where individuals can unwind, community can gather, and creativity can flourish.

Come by and say hello!

Delancey, ny 13752

Keep your eye out for the unveiling of the Lovin' Âme Rica nature retreat in Delancey, NY, which will open its doors for special workshops and immersive retreats this coming summer 2019.